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For this challenge I wanted to create an environment that would challenge my organic modelling abilities as this was one of my weaker skills. The first idea that came to mind was a nature scene, however I didn’t want to go for a generic forest environment and wanted to create something more fantasy driven.

After searching for inspiration I came across a piece of concept art by artist Klaus Pillon which I found to be super unique and creative, and would be perfect for improving my organic modelling skill set.

Overall i'm happy with how the scene turned out, especially due to not being very experienced with organic modelling. I was very pleased with how the lighting and the post processing of the scene looked in the final render and there’s not much that I would change about it.

One of the things which I need to focus on more next time is texel density throughout the scene, using max to unwrap and not having the texel density tools of Maya made it a hassle to keep a constant density throughout. I also felt like some elements in the scene were rushed due to how big the environment is and the small amount of time I had, this was definitely due to over scoping and not taking personal experience into account.

for more renders and marmoset viewers of my assets visit my artstation page:



ElderTreeEnvironment.zip 372 MB
ChrisRhodes_RisingStar_Sketchbook.pdf 9 MB


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Would say this is Neir:Automata inspired by I won`t take the mouth too fill xD

Anyways, a very nice result you got there, I love the composition of ancient statue with nature